KOI Partners with Uzima Water Filters

Uzima Water Filters distribution in Africa

Clean drinking water—you can’t live without it!

Uzima has their roots in Kenya and chose their name because it is the Swahili word that means “to be filled and overflowing with life.” Uzima is now a global organization with a variety of clean water solutions.  KOI has embraced the Uzima UZ-2 as our clean water solution of choice.

The UZ-2 Uzima water filter shown here is an all-in-one filtration system that quickly and effectively turns questionable water into clean water.  A single UZ-2 Uzima self-contained system can clean approximately 200 gallons/day. Each UZ-2 has an estimated useful life of 10 years. 

Clean water is one of the greatest challenges facing “the least of these” in most areas of the planet.  We chose Uzima because it is proven to reduce bacteria in water by 99.9999%. 

The device has no moving parts to wear out and no consumable pieces that need to be replaced.  It is easily maintained by backwashing the device.  Your donation for an Uzima UZ-2 water filter will provide one of life’s necessities to a family or village that desperately needs it.