Our Current Focus

Today KOI still focuses on Kenya, but has expanded the scope of our outreach beyond Africa.

In early 2022, KOI Board Member, Dwana Williams, petitioned the board to request KOI consider expanding our ministries to include hands-on, in-person mission trips to areas of the world where need is great and hope is in short supply.

In mid-2022 KOI agreed to expand the scope of our mission to include direct support to additional parts of the world beyond Kenya.  The additional support includes in-person, hands-on initiatives such as a trip to the Dominican Republic in November 2022 and a trip to Kenya in 2023.  

The expanded scope of ministry includes new policies that enable donors to specify their donations be used for a specific purpose.  Any donations received that do not specify which ministry the donor wishes to support will be used for our legacy commitment to provide merit-based high school scholarships in Kenya for orphans and other abandoned children.