About us—Results

Helping the “least of these” one child at a time

During the time we have been operating, Kenyan Outreach Inc. has improved the lives of hundreds of orphans, abandoned children and the families they have created after completing High School.  Not all of the children we initially offer scholarships to meet the minimum standards required to keep their scholarships, so we aren’t able to claim a 100% graduation rate.

For the five years that span 2017-2021, we have the following results:

  • 76% of students graduated High School.
  • 24% of students had their scholarships withdrawn.
  • 28% of students went on to university after graduating high school.

Scholarship recipients who graduated have secured multiple types of jobs including:

  • Military Service
  • Caterer
  • Educator
  • Youth Counselor
  • Homemaker